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Escape from Tarkov Woods green building


April 5th 2024

  • Added BTR stops

May 26th 2023 version 1.4

  • Name change of Scav extract “Old station” to “Old railway depot”.

March 4th 2023 version 1.3

  • Removal of Midjourney background art.
     – When I made this map I applied some charcoal-styled art using Midjourney to the now black background of this map. The AI art generating service was relatively new back then & I naively assumed that the dataset used by Midjourney was curated & cc0 (no rights reserved). It is now apparent that this was not the case as there is a class-action lawsuit against them for severe copyright infringements. I strongly dislike the use of other peoples copyrighted work without their express permission so I decided to remove everything relating to their service.

Aug 24th 2022 version 1.2

  • Name change of PMC extract “RUAF roadblock” to “RUAF gate”.

Aug 15th 2022 version 1.1

  • Removal of extract “Outskirts water”.
  • Treeline adjustment south west near silencer house.
  • Added hideyhole scav things to the mountain.
  • Minefield adjustment south west near pylons.
  • Minefield adjustment at USEC camp.
  • Added minefield markers far east.
  • Added sniper markers near east beach.
  • Added sniper marker at vehicle extract.
  • Added missing tent near airplane.
  • Added missing tent near silencer house.
  • Removed scav markers from ruined village.
  • Removed scav marker near ZB-016.
  • Removed scav markers from old station.
  • Fixed legend PMC spawn icon being the wrong color.
  • Changed “Northern roadblock” to “Northern UN Roadblock”.
  • Replaced grass texture with sand texture at USEC camp minefield.