• What software I use • Blender addons • “Why not use ripped files?” • Buying EFT-related art for media

What software I use + tutorials

The main 3D software that I use is Blender. It’s a free open source 3D creation suite that you can download here.


If you are interested in learning Blender I highly recommend that you check out BlenderGurus tutorials on Youtube. They are easy to follow and Andrew is a fun teacher to learn from. Start with the Donut tutorial and go from there.


For more intermediate courses I highly recommend checking these courses out; 


Martin Klekners environment course at CGboost.com. 

Ponte RyuuruiJosh Gambrells boxcutter & hardops tutorials on Youtube.

Thomas McDonalds architectural courses at Udemy.

CUBICITY by Kent Trammel at cgcookie.com

For 3D texturing I use Adobe Substance Painter.

For the map overlays I use Adobe Photoshop.

Blender Addons & assets

I use a lot of addons in my workflow. These addons speed up my workflow by at least 10x. Addons without a link come with the default Blender installation.







Alpha Trees


Drop It



Curve Basher



Node Wrangler
UV Squares

Screencast Keys

Military characters by Big/Medium/Small

"Why not just use ripped files when making the Tarkov maps?"

I have been asked many times if I “rip any files” or why I “dont just rip the files” and use them in my projects instead of trying to remake the models.


I want to improve as a 3D artist & for me personally the best way to keep myself motivated & interested is to model stuff that I find visually appealing.  As practice I started to make simple maps for the game Escape From Tarkov simply because some of the game areas lacked 3D maps & I like BSG’s artstyle. Plus making something that ends up being useful to somebody makes the process more fun.


With every model I learn something new. It might be something small like a more efficient way of modeling a very specific thing but it definitively does help me improve. If I would skip the modeling phase in favour of importing ripped models then I would not learn anything.


If I do use any assets made by somebody else I always ask permission first & credit the original creator/source. I would not feel right taking credit for something that somebody else made.


My goal is to have a career in 3D. Using stolen assets could damage my reputation as a 3D artist and my chances of getting hired would go down as a result.

Escape From Tarkov 3D view

Buying EFT-related art for media

You can use my maps on your stream for free without asking my permission. The same goes for Youtube & similar streaming services. As long as it’s not behind any form of paywall it’s fine. I would appreciate it if you link back to my site in the chat/video description or just have my website/twitter URL visible on the map during some point in the stream/video.


I dont make intermission screens, thumbnails or anything like that but if it’s something that can be made using any of my existing maps then I am open to discussing it. Check out the “contact” button at the top of the webpage to find out how to reach me.


My advice to anybody looking to purchase EFT-related art for their stream, Youtube or other media platform is to make sure that the 3D artist offering such services either made everything themselves or that they have permission to use the models commercially. 


If they are using BSG models without permission then you should not use their services. Without permission they are breaking 4.2, 4.2.2, 4.2.3 and 4.2.4 of the end user license agreement that you signed when you purchased the game and they are guilty of copyright infringement.  They are putting themselves & your brand at risk as neither one of you would have the original creators permission to use those assets for monetary gain. 


Additionally; in many countries copyright infringement of this type can carry large fines and even jail time. You as the buyer risk DMCA takedown of your account(s).


I recently asked one of the BSG community managers about this sort of thing and they said “I am unsure how actively BSG is acting against things like this, but i do know the legal department gets sent links to websites that are selling copyrighted material on a regular basis”.


Keep in mind that even if BSG is not currently very active in battling these kinds of infringements – it could change overnight due to change in company policy.


I highly advice that you purchase art that is either entirely made by the artist or an artist that have explicit permission to sell BSGs models as art to you. There are many talented artists out there who are more deserving of your money. If you are not certain if the art is OK then send a message & ask one of the games community managers. You can find them on the official BSG discord server. Stay safe.


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