All of the donations that I get are reinvested into my 3D work in some capacity. I either use them to purchase addons that speed up my workflow, courses that teach me something new or computer hardware to speed up render times. Ultimately it helps me become a better 3D artist and for that I am very grateful.


To show my appreciation and to give you something in return I started adding names of donators as custom graffiti to different walls on my maps. Your name would show up in a place where there is also graffiti in-game in order to maintain the accuracy of the maps. I cant guarantee that it would be visible/readable on the finished map due to the camera angle or size of the tag but it would be visible during my live streams when I work on the map and probably in some of my social media posts. 

All of the graffiti sprites are saved and reused whenever I make new buildings so it’s possible that your name might show up in multiple places and on different maps. New names get added with updates made to the maps or with new iterations of the maps.

Your name is displayed in the format <first name + first letter of surname> & it would be the name your donation is made under. If you would like a different name displayed (such as your online alias) then put that in your donation message & I will make that instead.

How long it takes before I add a name to a map could differ depending on the progress on the current map. I often add tags while making individual buildings and then reiterate later on when the map is almost completed to make sure that the visible tags are legible when zoomed in.